This project, planned, designed and put into practice by Consorzio San Marino 2000 hhas been started thanks to the generous support of Ente Cassa di Faetano – fondazione di Banca di San Marino, followed by Giochi del Titano, San Marino web agency Fotonica, for technical support, communication and advertising agency Studio AG and Elledue – Assistenza Linguistica for translations.

Consistent with the conformation of the territory and medieval origins, also due to the inclusion in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, it is believed that San Marino could and should be usable by people with disabilities, taking also into account the fact that even the UN on the rights of persons with disabilities stipulates, among others, the “right to travel”.

Thanks to the project, the Republic of San Marino has obtained a special recognition as European Destination of Excellence 2013 – hors concours.

Another contributor to the project is Village for all – V4A®, International Quality Brand Hospitality for All, which guarantees through its information where to spend one’s vacation in complete safety.

Please visit the website to get further information and download for free the dedicated guide.