Theatrical tours

Guided tours given by professional art performers

Available languages: Italian and English

A special guided tour that makes the Historical Centre of San Marino a stage to tell the story of the Republic and of the places you are visiting.

Tourist guides are transformed into theater actors and will offer the magic of open-air theater in a new combination between guided tour and theatrical performance.


Our suggestions:

Historical Centre

The hidden treasure of San Marino – Cultural itinerary for Elementary and Secondary School

Theatrical guided tour that combines theoretical and practical experience, with the interactive participation of students. There will be moments in which the students will learn the history of the oldest Republic in the world in a funny and rigorous way at the same time. Even the students themselves will be involved: they have to solve some quizzes, which will help them to discover the Old Town, through a path that will make them aware of the main monuments that characterize the Republic.



State Museum

To be or not to be… a Saint

Customized guided tour in the State Museum of San Marino, aiming at discovering through art and iconography the figure of San Marino, testimonies of the thousand-year old freedom of the Republic. Actors dressed in Medieval costumes will guide visitors with an interactive visit to discover a new way to enjoy art through theatre.





Medieval Costume

Being Medieval. In the middle of the Middle Ages.

Theatrical performances that will make the visitors taste the flavor of a leap backwards in time. Guided around some of the most emblematic places of San Marino’s Old Town Centre by companies of actors in Medieval costume, you will be able to experiment different aspects of their old age.
3 modules available in 3 different locations, with 3 different shows.





San Marino

Liberty and Freedom

Along the thousand-year old journey of its freedom, the Republic of San Marino met many important people who helped build the myth of the ‘never-ending freedom’. Following a path that winds through the most peculiar points of the Old Town, the actors will evoke these great figures and their relationship with the oldest Republic in the world.