History, art and legend

Itineraries designed for demanding visitors who want to understand and learn the unique aspects of the Republic of San Marino.


Our suggestions:

The Witches’ Step

San Marino between legend and mystery – historical itinerary

A legend says that the creation of the Mount Titano, on which stands the city of San Marino, is due to the terrible giants called Titans; they were the nephews of the god Saturn, uncle of Zeus, who was on Olympus. The Titans decided to attack him while he was sleeping, and to scale the sky they began to accumulate boulders on top of each other, but Zeus was warned and made them fall on Earth. Consequently, there remained only the mountain made of rocks: for this reason, it was called “Titan”. This is just one of the mysteries of our Republic; during the visit you will be told legends and myths of the oldest Republic in the world. It will be an emotional trip between fantasy and reality.



State Museum

San Marino through the eyes of the artists – historical and artistic itinerary

A trip in the Old Town dedicated to people who love art, who can know past and modern works in order to discover San Marino as an open air museum. You will trace the history and traditions of the Republic through the eyes of the artists.