Half day tours

The Republic of San Marino is a big open-air museum which tells the history of a community and of a country which over the centuries has always known how to enhance the value of its independence and freedom.

In order to accentuate every aspect of San Marino, Consorzio San Marino 2000 has studied half-day thematic tours to discover the unique surroundings of San Marino.


Our suggestions:

San Marino – stone cutter

On the Saint’s footsteps – religious and artistic itinerary

The route starts from the place where they were given the first baptisms from Saint Marino, continuing towards the most significant places of the history of the Founder and Patron.
An itinerary that begins from the slopes of the Mount Titano and the roots of the history of the Republic and ends in the Old Town, the social, religious and political center of the country.
The itinerary provides bus transfers.




Museum of Rural Life

From the Vineyard to the Table – historical and gastronomic itinerary

A bucolic route where you can become familiar with the rural civilization and discover the cultural and gastronomic traditions. Moreover, it is possible to touch ancient grains with your own hands and to have a walk in order to learn the art of viticulture and the history that characterizes this land.
The itinerary provides bus transfers.